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Here's the nut graf redux

By Billy O'Keefe

“I didn’t jump right off the cliff. I had a plan,” said Sally Lehrman, a freelance writer from San Francisco. Lehrman talked Friday about looking before leaping from a staff job to freelancing during the “Market Yourself as a Freelancer” seminar.
“I’ll tell you what I do, as long as you promise not to tell any editors. I always ask for a little bit more money,” said Sally Lehrman. Lehrman added these comments about negotiating freelance assignments during the “Market Yourself as a Freelancer” seminar.
Linnea Evensen, a Brigham Young University student, says she was impressed that SPJ provided young journalists with many student-themed workshops and sessions. “It was interesting to see people at different stages in life,” Evensen said.
Most internship-seeking students assume only the best gigs will pay, but session speaker and past SPJ president Reginald Stuart begs to differ. Never intern for free, he said at Friday afternoon’s “The job starts hereÉ” session.
During a session on broadcasting, NBC News Correspondent Bob Dotson told a story about being at a baseball game and wanting to do his standup from the crowd. To make sure no one looked at the camera, he bought the section a round of beer. It still took four takes.