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Even at lunch, SPJ keeps in mind suffering journalist

By Billy O'Keefe

Staff Report
The Working Press

Joshua Wolf (photo courtesy Bill Carpenter)

Joshua Wolf (photo courtesy Bill Carpenter)

The SPJ Legal Defense Fund raised an additional $950 for jailed freelancer Joshua Wolf during Friday’s MOE Awards luncheon. The event was made up mostly of young journalists, advisers and other SPJ notables.
Wolf will be given this money to help pay for non-legal expenses, such as toothpaste or rent to keep his San Francisco apartment, while he is sitting in prison after a federal judge sent him there for refusing to turn over unpublished protest video footage.
The money, collected in jars that were passed around the room, will be added to the $300 already collected by the LDF at this year’s convention. People can continue to donate at the LDF table in JExpo.
On Wednesday, SPJ awarded Wolf a record-breaking $30,000 grant for his legal defense.