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Lights! Camera! Multimedia!

By Billy O'Keefe

SARAH ALFAHAM / The Working Press
The online age is calling on everyone to develop video-friendly skills. For ways to improve your camera work, catch the playback from the session “Working With a Videographer” with Ledge King and Maria Fowler of Gannett News Service:
— Use a tripod. Steady shots are key to professional-looking video.
— Don’t pan or zoom.
— Ask open-ended questions. Audio is key to video.
— Keep quiet while recording. After you ask a question, be aware that everything you say will be recorded. Don’t talk while the subject is answering. No “uh-huh,” “yes,” “ah” or “I understand.”
— Use headphones, especially during an interview. This will help you monitor the sound to be sure there isn’t a short in the microphone or a battery problem.
— Shoot a lot from different angles. Try shooting from a high or low angle.
— Be prepared: bring extra tape and batteries. Tapes go bad and batteries die. Bring at least twice what you think you’ll need.