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By Billy O'Keefe

JENNA SPINELLE / The Working Press
Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg offered these tips for reporters outside Washington who cover the high court. She led a group of SPJ members on a tour of the “Marble Palace” Thursday afternoon.
— Familiarize yourself with the Supreme Court’s Web site, www.supremecourtus.gov. It has information on cases, copies of legal briefs and transcripts of arguments made in court.
— Contact the public information office before coming to cover the court. The working pressroom for regular court reporters has space for those for those coming from out of town. Arberg can give reporters more information about facilities and resources available to them.
— Proper press credentials are required to enter the Supreme Court building. This includes one from your employer and one from Arberg’s office.
— Be careful when reporting on court actions. When the court decides not to hear a case, it is often reported that the court issued an opinion when no action was actually taken. Arberg said the court gets about 9,000 cases each year, but it decides to hear only about 70 of them.