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All in One

By Billy O'Keefe

CANDICE MITCHELL / The Working Press
Learn the necessary steps to thrive as a mobile journalist, also known as a “backpacker,” in the 21st century with these guidelines from John Strauss, news and multimedia editor for IndyStar.com:
• Tell the story of the people whom you interview. The story is everything, while video and audio are only part of the package.
• Remember, simplicity is key. Carry only the equipment you need for the assignment. A laptop and good camera are key.
• Shoot stills with your stories to start small and take video in small portions. Don’t video everything and then edit it down.
• Defend the quality of your work. It is your responsibility to be true to the story.
• “The medium is not the message.” Keep in mind that the use of various media just enhances the story, but if it takes away from the story’s meaning, then don’t go overboard.