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Journalism project would connect Atlanta foot, bike traffic

By Billy O'Keefe

JON OFFREDO/ The Working Press
Karyn Lu and Lila King are hard at work on a unique civic journalism project that could interconnect Atlanta’s citizens through their own stories.
Their project, Echo, provides spots for pedestrians and bike riders to stop and listen to stories contributed by other passersby.
“Our main goal is to get people outside, walking in other people’s footsteps (literally),” they wrote in e-mail. “If we can get everyone to walk and bike around a bit more, learn something new about our collective history, make some new connections and experience a bit of whimsy in everyday life, we’ll consider Echo a huge success.”
Recently, Lu and King — who work for cnn.com — received $10,000 in grant money for their project.
They’ve begun to gather content in the Lake Claire neighborhood, where they have collected stories about drum circles and land trusts.
They hope Echo will make Atlanta a more “transformative, beautiful and connected” place.
“It’s an exciting time for innovation and we’re totally up for the challenge,” they said.
For more information visit newmediawomen.org/echo_blog.