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Seen & Heard: Do you think the journalism industry gives President Barack Obama a fair shake?

By Billy O'Keefe

“I think so. (The media) are critical when they need to be critical.” — Paul R. Larocque, retired writer and author, Arlington, Texas

“I would hope (journalists) wouldn’t be biased. We’re trained as journalists not to be biased.” — Christina Chiarelli, student, Southern Connecticut State University

“Yes. I think journalism favors Obama. He does a lot of entertainment interviews and provides a lot of access.” — Maham Khan, 27, student, DePaul University

“President Obama is still on his honeymoon. He got a lot of positive press at first. The hard times are yet to come.” — Donna Remer, freelance writer and member of SPJ Detroit

“Generally yes. I’ve seen examples of aggressive, but fair journalism.” — Mark J. Scarp, former president of Phoenix SPJ