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SPJ Afterhours Mobile Tweetup

By Billy O'Keefe

Compiled By Gregan Wingert Photos By Nikki Villoria
The first afterhours mobile tweetup lead tweeting convention goers a chance to schmooze over booze.
Starting in the Le Burger Brassiere at the Paris and wrapping up at Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian the group mingled over a mix of choice drinks.

What’s the tweetup drink of choice?

These “twitter”-bugs said it in 140 characters or less.

“The $1 blue moon, now I’m playing six bucks for Bud light,” Holly Bounds said.“Tonight I’m a follower, it’s proof that social media works.” (left)

“Vodka and cranberry mostly,” Robyn Sekula said. “But I enjoy free drinks.” (right, center)

“Let’s go with water, flavored water tonight,” Victor Hernanadez said. (left)

“I don’t know I’ve had several,” Kara Sassone said. (right)

“It was by default beer, because it was cheap,” said Kristen Thometz. (left)
“Irish Car Bomb, that makes me sound young,” said Evan Bush. (left)

“It’s been beer mostly,” said tweetup organizer Jeff Cutler. “Taste bud choice and a dollar choice.” (above)

“We were the organizers of the tweetup,” Ron Sylvester said. (above)

“It would be Bailey’s and Kahlua,” said Mike Brennan (left)