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Words of advice for SPJ’s new president

By Billy O'Keefe

Compiled by Gregan Wingert
Past and present SPJ leaders offer a few bits of advice for new President Hagit Limor:
“Don’t let the pissants get you down. There is always going to be naysayers.”
Christine Tatum
SPJ President 2006-07
“I would advise the president to stay engaged with the rank-and-file leadership on a regular basis.”
Reginald Stuart
SPJ President 1994-95
“Be true to your convictions, do what you think is right and don’t be influenced by negativists and naysayers.”
Steve Geimann
SPJ President 1996-97
“Think twice and possibly three times before acting and making public statements. The only better day than the day you receive the gavel is the day that you pass it along to the next president.”
David Carlson
SPJ President 2005-06
“Have fun and savor it. It’s a great podium. Use it well. … Five years from now she’ll remember all the good things. The speed bumps will be forgotten.”
Robert Leger
SPJ President 2002-03
“Understand SPJ history and grasp the vital lessons that can be learned by previous administrations. Don’t be disappointed when your brilliance is ignored.”
Gordon “Mac” McKerral
SPJ President 2003-04
“I would really embrace the changes that are still to come and be open to all the different media.”
Mark Peterson
KXLY-TV, Spokane, Wash.
Chapter president of Inland Northwest Pro chapter, Spokane, Wash.
“Be sensitive to the fact that every chapter has its own dynamics and challenges.”
Dana Neuts
Virtually Yourz
Past chapter president of Western Washington Pro