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Another Day at Starbucks

By eijnews

For the barista shift leader at the Starbucks at the Anaheim Marriott, the Excellence in Journalism Conference is just another busy weekend.
Marco, who did not want to give his last name, has been working at Starbucks for the past five years.
“…the conference just helps us stay even busier,” Marco said.
He explained that the way the store anticipates the number of customers it will have is through the occupancy of the hotel on a given day. On an average weekday, Marco said they expect about 60 to 70 percent occupancy.
“…tomorrow’s supposed to be busy,” Marco explained. “So about 80 percent [occupancy].”
Marco said the store would have extra staff and supplies for the big weekend event.
Marco said the number of journalists attending the conference this weekend did not concern him.
“I don’t mind it at all,” Marco said. “I have nothing against [the press].”