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Beyond the Trauma Vortex

By eijnews

Book By: Gina Ross

Book By: Gina Ross

By: Jennifer Matthews
Journalists are second responders to any crisis, but nonetheless, they are there to capture the moment, tell the story, and ultimately put their lives on the line all in the name of  journalism. “We are the messengers,” Sid Garcia said. Garcia is a general assignment reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News in California and has, like many journalists, covered stories that changed their lives.
Many journalists who suffer from trauma or post traumatic stress disorder will either leave the field, turn to drugs, alcohol or even take their own lives. Gina Ross, President of the International Trauma-Healing Institute has written a book as a “how to” guide for journalists working in the field that may encounter a story that could be traumatizing and/or lead to PTSD, as well as everyday people who can be traumatized. “We never know the moment that will be too much in the nervous system or the drop that overflows the cup,” Gina Ross said.
The book analyzes how both journalists and people can understand their own traumas, issue smoke signals for others that are dealing with trauma, and offer solutions in dealing with trauma. “The worst thing to do is keep it inside because that will literally kill you,” Garcia said. “Books like Beyond The Trauma Vortex and other resources are very helpful and all should take advantage.”

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