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Instagram Becoming Major Part of Reporter's Toolkit

By eijnews

Whether it’s professional skateboarder Tony Hawk posting extreme sports photos or protesters marching on the streets in Egypt, one thing is clear – millions are using Instagram to share their stories with the world.
Dan Toffey, the company’s community manager, provided EIJ13 attendees with close insights to the popular mobile social service during the conference Sunday morning.
But more than just capturing images and sharing them online, Instagram can be an effective tool for journalists. Large scale news operations such as The New York Times and CNN are using the service to enhance their reporting anInstagram in Newsroomsd share breaking news as it happens with audiences.
Over time, more journalists have picked up the tool for sharing stories on Instagram, however Toffey encourages newsrooms to establish ethical guidelines for deciding how to take and display their own pictures and those taken by the public. If an organization chooses to display someone else’s pictures, consent and attribution are necessary.
Here are some tips and tools journalists should know:
*Search locations and confirm the authenticity of the image using Gramfeed.com.
*Statigram.com measures your Instagram following.
*Use hashtags, location, and user lists to find content and other sources for stories.
*Filters may or may not be appropriate for news images – journalists should always consult with their management team.
*To embed an image, click on the three dots on the lower right hand side next to the comment box.
*Instagram video is a newer feature – journalists should examine and leverage as they are able.