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September 6th, 2014 • 2014: Nashville
The Experts Break Down New Media Entrepreneurship

[View the story “The New Media Entrepreneur ” on Storify]

September 5th, 2014 • 2014: Nashville
Reporters Reflect on Lessons Learned in Ferguson

While the crisis in Ferguson raged on in front of camera crews for weeks on end, reporters on the ground saw a different reality. They also saw that reality distorted – or participated in the distortion themselves – as Ferguson descended into a “war zone” in a matter of days.

September 5th, 2014 • 2014: Nashville
Cracking the code: SPJ Code of Ethics gets an update

  The SPJ Code of Ethics is a cornerstone of the organization, and after the Excellence in Journalism conference, it will most likely be getting an update. SPJ delegates will vote Saturday afternoon on the final draft of the revised Code of Ethics.