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September 4th, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
Journalists List Impacts of their Investigative Reporting

Stories from tipsters, personal curiosity and relationships with communities — these are things that led journalists to produce investigative, long-form works that bring about changes and impacts.

September 4th, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
How Journalists Can Take Advantage of Public Records

...know the specific records and know the law that requires the release of such records.

September 2nd, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
Reporting skill alone ‘is not enough:’ Journalists stress the importance of safety on the job

Amid the changing reporting landscape, first responder-turned-photojournalist Chris Post and foreign correspondent-turned-professor Moni Basu said safety training in newsrooms is vital while sharing advice for press members to de-escalate and predict unexpected situations waiting for them. With over 30 years of experience covering the Iraq War from its beginning, University of Florida journalism lecturer and former CNN International journalist Basu said she faced challenges in terms of safety every time, even when she went on the field with military members.

September 1st, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
‘Unfair and unequal:’ Developing countries in Asia compare COVID-19 vaccine accessibility to USA

Iowa let 81,000 COVID-19 vaccines go to waste. Alabama threw 65,000 doses away. And Georgia destroyed over 110,000 vaccines. India — despite being a hub for vaccine manufacturers — has faced vaccine shortages. And in Thailand, residents beg their government to import them.