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October 3rd, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
‘Giving people a live mic is not a requirement’ – 2023 SPJ Fellow of the Society Soledad O’Brien

“Sometimes, I think people make honest mistakes but more often today, there's lots of very intentional inaccuracies. I think there's misinformation. I think there's disinformation.”

September 30th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Ethical and inclusive language matters. Journalists have the power to normalize it.

The stories journalists tell matter. So does the language they use to share them. University of Southern California Annenberg Professor and Stylebot Founder and CEO Laura Davis and LAist reporter Caitlin Hernández stressed this point during Friday’s Society of Professional Journalists presentation on the importance of using ethical and inclusive language in journalism and how to get newsrooms to implement it in regular practice.

September 29th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Society of Professional Journalists board votes to cancel 2024 convention in Indianapolis

“If SPJ does not have a conference next year, I worry about the survival of the organization because if you fold up your tent, that is a sign to everybody else that you are in trouble."

September 29th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Journalists Learn How to Fund Their Projects through Spark

During Thursday’s “Funding Journalism Projects with Spark” session, attendees learned key strategies for funding their passion projects.  Support for survivors and victims of tragedies. Mental health and suicide prevention for veterans. Fellowship programs for multimedia reporters. And more. Spark, a program under communications nonprofit, Wildfire Media, trains journalists and creatives and provides them with the tools they need to research, develop, and pitch their own fundraising campaigns.

September 28th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Society of Professional Journalists cancels 2024 conference

The Society of Professional Journalists board voted Wednesday to suspend the annual 2024 journalism conference, a move that SPJ President Claire Regan confirmed was made as a cost-cutting measure.  Incoming President Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins said it is no secret that SPJ is struggling financially.