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April 20th, 2024 • 2024 Region 1 Conference: Boston
A Conversation on Trauma-Informed Journalism

BOSTON – An age-old saying in journalism goes, “if it bleeds, it ledes”.  This adage describes an attitude among journalists that instances of trauma and violence make inherently “good” stories because of the attention they garner, but many journalists today want to change the best practices for dealing with these topics.

April 20th, 2024 • 2024 Region 1 Conference: Boston
A Look Inside Boston’s Anti-Racist Newsroom

BOSTON – One of the many questions for our culture posed by the racial reckoning of 2020 was how the media can rectify the racial harms that they have perpetuated. One answer to this call was The Emancipator, a nonprofit digital magazine based in Boston.

April 19th, 2024 • 2024 Region 1 Conference: Boston
Ethical Visuals: How Journalists Can Avoid Bias in Data Visualizations

Data visualization is an effective tool for helping audience grasp the news, and more newsrooms are considering unintended biases that may occur when they turn numbers into a stories.   Colors, styles, and ordering of a data visualization can reinforce stereotypes if those harms are not properly mitigated, Zhao Peng, an assistant professor at Emerson College and a data visualization researcher, said at the SPJ New England 2024 Conference.