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September 29th, 2018 • 2018: Baltimore
How to power past public information officers

Public information officers are a common challenge for reporters who cover both the public and private sectors. Attendees at the Excellence in Journalism conference got the inside scoop at the Censorship by PIO: Challenging Gag Orders on News Sources panel Saturday morning.

September 28th, 2018 • 2018: Baltimore
Got data? The U.S. Census Bureau does.

If you think the Census Bureau is only relevant once a decade, you’re sorely mistaken. The Census Bureau also conducts the American Community Survey and the Economic Census, among others. Its website, census.gov., has a number of useful tools for journalists.

September 27th, 2018 • 2018: Baltimore
Are you an introvert? Here’s how to make the most of EIJ.

When entrepreneur Rachel Jenks attended her first networking session, she was so nervous, she forgot to take off her coat. She kept the thick winter jacket on as she mingled, struggling to maneuver through the crowd. “It was probably 90 degrees in the room, but there are pictures of me with my coat on the entire time,” Jenks said.