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September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Say this, not that: A conversation on inclusive reporting

The third and final day of the Excellence in Journalism saw a packed audience for the “Say This, Not That. Writing Ethically and Inclusively“ panel. The hour-long session was led by outgoing RTDNA Chair Scott Libin, SPJ’s Ivette Davila-Richards and incoming RTDNA chair and WLRN-FM’s news director Terrence Shepherd.

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
EIJ podcast: How does your background influence your storytelling

As a person of color, you cannot choose your ethnic background. But if you choose to be a reporter, does that impact your reporting? For some insight, EIJ news spoke with a veteran journalist. 

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Maintaining an ethical presence on Twitter: Why & how

In modern day journalism, Twitter is recognized as a powerful source for breaking news and is a way for journalists to break down barriers with readers, listeners and viewers.  Keeping this thought in mind, day two of the Excellence in Journalism conference started with a panel on what it takes to be an ethical journalist on the social networking platform.

September 6th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Newsroom Diversity: An EIJ slideshow

Day one of the 2019 Excellence in Journalism conference saw news directors and various hiring managers discuss what it takes to ensure newsroom staff reflects the wider community.  The hour-long workshop, moderated by Rebecca Aguilar, founder of Latinas in Journalism and the SPJ Diversity chair, focused on how employers can deepen the pool of potential candidates from which they recruit and certain biases which are associated with recruitment. 

September 5th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
How to survive — and thrive — after a layoff

Julie Garcia was home when she heard from her colleague that Gannett was preparing for its next round of layoffs. Working for Corpus Christi Caller Times, in a 10-reporter, “tight-knit” newsroom, she thought, “Oh, I mean, it really can’t be us.”