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October 29th, 2022 • 2022: Washington D.C., 2021: Virtual
Deserting the Printed Past: Why College Publications Need to Adapt

The way students on college campuses consume media is changing – leading college publications to ask the question: how can we keep the audience engaged? This panel of university-based journalists came to argue that the problem is in the print.  “Things have changed, and we need to change also,” said panelist David Simpson of Georgia Southern University.

October 28th, 2022 • 2022: Washington D.C.
Localizing Climate Change Reporting

The public’s trust in local journalists is exactly why they need to start reporting on climate change if there’s any hope of people taking it seriously.

October 27th, 2022 • 2022: Washington D.C.
Accessibility of the Infographic: Panel Discusses Ways They Kept Readers Engaged

The entirely scrollable format gives people the ability to experience the most out of the infographic with the least amount of effort.

October 27th, 2022 • 2022: Washington D.C.
How to Restore Public Trust in the News

A diverse team of three journalists gathered to discuss the growing epidemic of distrust in news media. They suggested multiple ways we can regain public trust. In an age where information is being thrown at us from all angles, disinformation is becoming the norm.