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September 8th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Final thoughts about EIJ

EIJ19 is coming to an end. The Excellence in Journalism Conference brings aspiring, rising and professional journalists together once a year to expand their skills in the media industry and gain connections with others to reach their future goals.  All kinds of people from the journalism industry attend EIJ, and you never know who you’ll bump into.

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
2019 SPJ Elections

[Please note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Haisten Willis received 371 votes in the race for At-Large Director. This has been corrected to the actual total of 171 votes. The EIJ News regrets the error.] Today was election day for the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in San Antonio, TX.

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Do’s & Don’ts: The Art of The Freelance Pitch

For a freelancer, how you pitch an editor can determine landing your next big story or even how you pay your rent.  “The pitch is the most important thing in your career when you are trying to get published and trying to establish yourself,” said Jorge Arangure, metro senior staff editor at the New York Times.   “The Art of The Pitch,” had a full house of attendees at this year’s Excellence in Journalism Conference.

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Teaching Convergence Journalism in the Classroom

  Convergence was once a new concept in journalism. Now, everything is being done together. It’s not uncommon for a print reporter to shoot video, a radio reporter to take photos or a television photographer to go on there air.   Maria Mendoza, a multimedia storyteller and social media producer, works on getting experience in all areas of journalism.

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Covering trauma: How to stay sane

    San Antonio Skye Ray @theskyeray As journalists, you never know how your day will go.  One day you are covering a celebration, and the next, you’re covering a traumatic event that could have a lasting effect on your life. 

September 6th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Television News Icon Visits EIJ News 19

September 6, 2019 San Antonio   Fellows who volunteer for EIJ News, the student newsroom at the Excellence in Journalism Convention, work long hours and on tight deadlines. The fellows received a visit today from Maria Elena Salinas, one of the best-known anchors in Spanish-language broadcasting, who is now a contributor to CBS News.

September 6th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
NAHJ rescinds FOX sponsorship

The largest organization for Hispanic journalists in the nation took a controversial action by rejecting a sponsorship from FOX News.

September 5th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Long Lines For EIJ19 Registration

EIJ19_careerfair September 5, 2019 EIJ19 opened this morning with a line of people flowing out the door of the Texas Ballroom to register or pick up credentials for the Excellence in Journalism Convention (EIJ19) . Inside the Ballroom, the career fair was in full swing as representatives from news and media organizations around the US talked to prospective interns and employees.