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September 30th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
The art of storytelling: Tangible tips for narrative nonfiction

Listening to a zoning meeting on mailbox size restrictions, she found an elderly man disappointed that he could not use the oversized owl mailbox his grandson made for him. A seemingly drab zoning story shimmered after inserting the human element about a grandfather’s love for his family.

September 30th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Young journalists meet peers at speed networking event

“We’re all developing in our careers at different rates. You never know when someone you meet here might progress to someplace you want to be."

September 29th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
A robot wrote my article: Artificial intelligence in the newsroom and classroom

When fed bullet points of key facts, AI has the power to write a complete news story, although small details are often wrong and sentences are brimming with clichés. 

September 29th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Gio Benitez offers an inspiring start to SPJ 2023 

"If they’re watching, I just want them to smile, and maybe that will turn around their day.”

September 28th, 2023 • 2023: Las Vegas
Pulitzer Prize winner Dana Priest flattered to be named SPJ 2023 Fellow of the Society

Dana Priest is an investigative reporter for the Washington Post with a specialization in national security, United States intelligence agencies and military operations. She has won two Pulitzer Prizes for her work.  “I keep gravitating towards the hardest things to write about,” Priest said.