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October 28th, 2022 • 2022: Washington D.C., 2021: Virtual
‘Safety starts with a conversation’: Learning how to be proactive when reporting in the field

After years working as a first responder, Chris Post has taken on the role of “second first responder” in his job as a photojournalist at the Associated Press.  Post, executive director and safety advisor of the International Media Support Group, calls journalists “second first responders” in society. 

September 3rd, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
Oregon TV news producer: Newsrooms must prioritize trauma coping mechanism for journalists

Carla Judah, a news producer at Oregon’s KOIN-TV, watched a video clip that changed her life. Now, she's advocating for the destigmatization of mental health in newsrooms and urging management to do more to help journalists develop healthy coping mechanisms to traumatic events.

September 3rd, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
It’s More Than Telling The News: Mental Health & Journalists

Last year, journalists were heavily relied upon to keep America briefed within 24-hour news cycles covering the COVID-19 crisis, a presidential election and so much more. This opened up the conversation around mental health for journalists. While viewers have the chance to unplug from the media, this is not the case for reporters covering crucial stories.

September 3rd, 2021 • 2021: Virtual
‘We need to be honest about how these things affect us’: Learning why–and how–journalists invest in their mental health

Natural disasters, death, mass shootings and similar catastrophic events can cause depression and anxiety in anyone, but what toll does your mental health take when your day-to-day job is to report on events like these? In an SPJ 2021 Journalism Conference breakout session Sept.

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
De-stressing the newsroom: Mental health at EIJ19

You’re on your way to an interview when a source asks to switch times. The printer runs out of paper halfway through a job. On Twitter, there’s a backed up pile of hateful direct messages in your inbox. Does reading this stress you out?

September 7th, 2019 • 2019: San Antonio
Covering trauma: How to stay sane

    San Antonio Skye Ray @theskyeray As journalists, you never know how your day will go.  One day you are covering a celebration, and the next, you’re covering a traumatic event that could have a lasting effect on your life.