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September 20th, 2015 • 2015: Orlando
Mapping the attendees

In an effort to show the geographic diversity of the Excellence in Journalism 2015 conference, we mapped the home cities of 1,311 attendees. According to SPJ Director of Education Scott Leadingham, the data does not include on-site registrations. Click on individual data points to view the city name, and zoom out to view attendees from outside the continental United States.

September 18th, 2015 • 2015: Orlando
Tracking the crowds

For SPJ Director of Education Scott Leadingham, planning a conference is all about drawing from past experience. “You kind of learn year after year about what works and what doesn’t, and what’s popular and what’s not,” he said. “When we schedule rooms, we look at what will probably be more popular, so we can schedule for bigger rooms.